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    Wine cabinets come in a variety of models, including multifunctional ones such as this from Twin-Star International's Tresanti collection.

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    An interior designer can help you plan a room exclusively for wine and entertaining needs. Photo: Karges Furniture

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    Today's wine coolers and cabinets are designed to blend in with your home's decor. Photo: Twin-Star International

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    Wine racks and bar stations are even more popular now that people are entertaining at home more often. Photo: Twin-Star International

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Wine racks and bar stations are even more popular now that people are entertaining at home more often. Photo: Twin-Star International


U.S. Wines on the Rise

Did you know that every state in the union has wineries? In fact, the number has increased 81 percent since 1999. Consider supporting a winery near you the next time you're stocking up your wine cabinet.

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  • Design from the Vine

    Wine storage that's both stylish and functional.

    by Jennifer Sellers

    Until recent years, wine storage was a bit on the utilitarian side—belonging more with your kitchen appliances than your living room or family room furnishings. Fortunately, times have changed. Now these functional storage cabinets can also be stylish showpieces. 

    "Wine racks and bar stations have always been popular, and are even more so today now that people are entertaining more at home," says Alexia Rouquette of Twin-Star International, a manufacturer of beverage cabinets. "Now you can have your wines always ready, but encased in elegantly styled furniture. Quality cabinets can enhance the décor of any space—dining rooms, family rooms and even kitchens."

    When it comes to wine storage, there are two main styles available to you—coolers and storage only. Deciding which one to get depends on how often you drink wine. A cooler will have bottles already chilled for any occasion. However, if you only drink wine occasionally, a storage-only cabinet is suitable—just keep it out of high-temperature and high-humidity areas of the home.



    Cooler Cabinets 

    Wine cooler cabinets are designed to keep wine at a constant refrigerated temperature. For example, Twin-Star's Tresanti line of cabinets maintains a two-zone 45°-54°F and 54°-65°F range.

    In addition to providing temperature-controlled storage, many of today's coolers are also earth-friendly. "Our wine cabinets are designed with dual cooling zones, which is done with thermoelectric cooling technology that is quiet, energy-efficient and eco-friendly," says Rouquette. 

    Another main goal of these devices is to ensure the integrity of the wines they store. "There is no compressor, which means no vibration; that way, the sediments remain undisturbed and the flavors are preserved," explains Rouquette. "Plus, the Tresanti wine cabinets use LED lights, which will not disrupt the chemical or organic balance of the wine like UV lights can."


    Storage-Only Cabinets 

    Some cabinets serve only to store the bottles, not refrigerate them. Kincaid's American Journal mobile server will hold wine bottles as well stemware and other accessories. It contains many storage options for beverages and servingware, including drawers, pullout shelves and a basket. This server—like many modern wine cabinets—is designed to make a decorative statement. Remember: Any storage cabinet you choose should blend in with or complement your décor. Thankfully, there are many stylish options available.



    Multi-Functional Pieces 

    If space is an issue in your home, consider a wine cabinet that serves dual purposes. For example, Twin-Star's Tresanti cabinets (which are all coolers) come in a variety of styles. Some provide room for a full-service liquor cabinet, including storage for other alcoholic beverages and stemware. Its Baxter piece does double- and triple-duty as a media cabinet and electric fireplace. "The goal of these pieces is to make entertaining easier and more stylish," says Rouquette.



    Wine Cellars and Wet Bars 

    Wine cabinets are great options for people with limited square footage or small quantities of wine. However, if you're a collector, host a lot of parties and have the space, you might want to consider getting an interior designer to help you plan a room—or a portion of a room—exclusively for wine and entertaining needs. A professional can help you transform your basement into a wine cellar or a wall in your living room into a fabulous, fully stocked wet bar. The options are as bottomless as your glass.