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  • duarte_071104_3440_2_fjeffstylecontemporaryart

    Designers like Los Angeles-based Jeff Andrews use minimal lines, muted colors and a range of textures to create these contemporary looks.

  • tech411_century

    Century Furniture's Spring Street adjustable desk has an idustrial look that could can be interpreted as casual, contemporary or traditional.

  • tech411_broyhill

    Broyhill’s Ember Grove collection features a khaki-toned finish, subtly distressed surfaces and rugged metal hardware that complement its industrial feel. 

  • tech411_frenchheritage

    With a focus on function and flexibility, this open shelving from French Heritage is mounted on wheels and can be as decorative or utilitarian as you desire.

  • tech411_magnussen

    Metal rivets and a rustic oak veneer give the Lakehurst cocktail table by Magnussen Home an industrial vibe. An added bonus is the secret storage beneath the top that lifts to desk height.

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Metal rivets and a rustic oak veneer give the Lakehurst cocktail table by Magnussen Home an industrial vibe. An added bonus is the secret storage beneath the top that lifts to desk height.



Wondering why this style is so hot? It seems the success of industrial-inspired home furnishings may be due to their ability to stand out. “Its prevalence now, in everything from luxury brands to more mainstream furniture lines, is hard to explain, but it may have something to do with the interesting contrast it provides for our complex, technology-driven lifestyles,” says Hirschhaut.

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  • The Industrial (Furniture) Revolution

    Bold and beautiful looks in utilitarian-looking home furnishings.

    by Trisha McBride Ferguson

    Set in juxtaposition to the smooth lines and sinuous curves of many of today's furniture trends is the raw, bold styling of the industrial look. Characterized by minimal detailing, natural materials and a solid silhouette—these pieces have presence. On close inspection many look to be inspired by utilitarian pieces found in old warehouses and artist's lofts.


    Imported Beauties

    Today’s casually contemporary industrial look is thought to be inspired by pieces from France and popularized by California retailer and catalog icon Restoration Hardware. More than just a passing fad, this design direction has roots. “Designers are looking to vintage factory fixtures for inspiration and creating pieces—even entire collections—that bring elements of our industrial past into today’s homes,” says Jackie Hirschhaut, vice president of the American Home Furnishings Alliance.

    In its most rugged form, this style takes reclaimed wood and old factory hardware and, with minimal restoration, fashions it into furnishings. From cocktail tables to bookshelves and desks, these simple, utilitarian pieces add a touch of industrial chic to today’s interiors. Plus, the use of recycled components adds an eco-friendly element to these collections.  


    A Chameleon Look

    Equally at home in transitional and contemporary spaces, these industrial-inspired pieces offer adaptability and longevity within a home’s design. Whether you’re looking for a media cabinet, a coffee table or a new bedroom suite, there’s a collection available. “More and more furniture manufacturers are joining the industrial furniture revolution,” Hirschhaut explains.

    You’ll find hefty, raw wood cabinets accented with bold steel accents; desks crafted of hand-hewn lumber supported by industrial workshop saw horses; and rugged bedroom furnishings boasting thick, reclaimed wood while including modern features like built-in power strips for recharging your phone and electronics.


    Mixed Materials, Mass Appeal

    For households trying to balance “his” and “her” style preferences, the industrial look can be a pleasing solution. While it has a solid, hefty feel that appeals to men (and women who prefer more robust styling), the functionality is what attracts most women. Easy-to-clean surfaces are distressed just enough to make them child-proof and no-fuss, while casters and hidden storage render these furnishings flexible and multifunctional.