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orange art
  • orange art

    Enlivening a room can be as simple as choosing one color, like the bright orange shown here, and using it exclusively as your color theme throughout the room.

  • pictures

    Libby's tip for amazing budget artwork: frame pages from your favorite coffee table book.

  • turquoise

    One pop of color is all it takes to change the mood of a room that's looking a little "blah."

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One pop of color is all it takes to change the mood of a room that's looking a little "blah."


Top it with Texture

The best way to soften the feel of any room is by adding sumptuous textiles and textures. You can easily do this by adding or replacing throw blankets, drapes, bedding, and throw pillows. 

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  • Libby’s Winning Winter Décor Tips

    Decorating ideas to help you beat the winter blahs from design expert Libby Langdon.

    by Libby Langdon

    OK, so Christmas is over, you’ve taken down all the fun and festive décor and now you are staring at what seems like a color-deprived room that just screams “blah.” Don’t despair! There are lots of cool and inexpensive ways to perk up your home. I’ve gathered some quick design updates that will ensure you spend the rest of the winter feeling cozy, comfy and chic! 

    A new year is a time for new beginnings, and that includes new decorating schemes. While many people are daunted by the idea of trying to decorate during the winter months, the ideas I’ve listed below are simple, easy and will enliven your house for the rest of the year!

    Bring in the Light

    It gets dark outside so early and now there’s no more sparkling Christmas lights, so it’s time to add some lamps. If you have lamps you like, it may be time to update their shades. And be sure to use some bright 3-way bulbs for maximum control.

    Color Pop

    Use color to improve the mood of your space. Change out old accessories for new ones in a single bright color theme. Today’s hot hues are: purple, orange, and peacock blue. You can revitalize a room by changing the color of your lamps, throw pillows, throw blankets and vases—just remember to pick one color and stick with that. A single color theme is what will keep it looking modern and fresh!  

    Wow with Wallpaper

    Find a fabulous wallpaper and use it to cover just one wall. It goes up quickly and freshens up everything that’s already in the room (furniture, artwork and accessories). For a low-budget solution, find a wonderful graphic wrapping paper and attach it to one wall with some shiny silver tacks…it’s a fast pick-me-up for any room! Also try lining the inside back of a bookcase or covering a tabletop or desk with wallpaper.  

    Capitalize on Candlelight

    While candlelight is a core technique for creating Christmas ambiance, don’t let it die with the end of the season. Bring in lots of candles in various sizes and shapes. Go ahead and mix together a combination of pillars, tapers and votives in various sizes and heights—amazingly, the more mixed-up you make it, the more stylish it looks.

    Artful Artwork

    Whether it’s family photographs printed in black and white, landscapes from a wonderful trip, cool old maps or your child’s abstract artwork displayed in a stylish way—getting new art on your walls spiffs up any space super quick. Not sure what to display? Take the pages out of a favorite coffee table book and frame them.  If you don’t have large artwork, create a grouping of smaller pictures to make a big impact.

    Add Natural Elements

    You don’t have to spend a lot to update your space—just look outside. A long piece of natural driftwood set on a dining table or fireplace mantle showcases the beauty of nature. Mix some votive candles in and it looks modern, fresh and festive. Bring in branches from flowering shrubs or greenery in your yard to update your room with natural elements.

    Hang Plates and Platters

    If you have really beautiful plates or platters, consider hanging a few of them in a grouping on your wall using metal plate hangers. It’s cheaper than buying new artwork and they add a great hit of color and dimension to your walls. Also, don’t feel like you can only hang plates in a kitchen or dining room…they work just as well in a living room, hallway or bedroom.

    Low-Commitment Canopy

    Give your bedroom romance and drama with an easy-to-make bed canopy. Just attach four drapery rods from the ceiling over your bed and hang floor-to-ceiling drapery panels attached to rings.

    Painted Wall Blocks

    An easy way to incorporate a bold wall color in a room is to paint what I call a frame area—the area around a headboard or a piece of artwork. Basically, you paint a bold color on the wall in a square or rectangle large enough to surround the object. For example, if you have three 16” x 20” framed pictures that you’re going to hang on your wall, you might first paint three 20” x 24” rectangles on the wall in a rich color that will highlight your artwork. Once the paint is dry, you hang each picture within the rectangle with an even amount of color all the way around. Now you’ve successfully introduced some bold color without overpowering the room.