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  • boudoirgothdrm

    Embrace elegance where seduction meets shadow in Behr's Boudoir Goth color collection. Deep shades and luxurious styling form a setting with an allure of feminine mystique.

  • tokyopop

    Personalize your space with fun and optimism using colors in the Tokyo Pop collection from Behr. Create a fusion of East meets West pop culture in a youthful room designed for comfort and play.

  • rock'nroll

    A simple way to relax your environment is with an infusion of music and color. Contemporary styling mixes with vintage elements for a cool, loft space with an urban, masculine appeal in the shades of Behr's Rock N’ Rolla.

  • danishmodern

    Danish Twist: Simplify your life. Bring elements of nature and light into your environment with the purity of these Behr shades paired with white and blonde wood tones.


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Danish Twist: Simplify your life. Bring elements of nature and light into your environment with the purity of these Behr shades paired with white and blonde wood tones.



Find Your Faves

To find these colors at your local Behr dealer, use these paint numbers:

Boudoir Goth –

· Grayve-Yard #T11-1

· Stiletto #T11-2

· Strike a Pose #T11-3

· Blood Rose #T11-4

· Not So Innocent #T11-5

Rock N’ Roll –

· Almost Famous #T11-6

· Fretwire #T11-7

· Back Stage #T11-8

· Drum Solo #T11-9

· Wild Thing #T11-10

Tokyo Pop –

· Lizard Breath #T11-11

· Harajuku Girl #T11-12

· Fuji Snow #T11-13

· Kawaii #T11-14

· Pinkelicious #T11-15

Danish Twist –

· Fjord #T11-16

· Wishing Troll #T11-17

· Æbleskiver #T11-18

· Starlit Night #T11-19

· Lucky Potato #T11-20

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  • Color Forecast: Revitalize and Re-inspire

    Paint color trends from Behr offer design inspiration—from quirky to conservative.

    by Jason Schneider

    Looking to add some color to your life? Here’s your inspiration.

    Featuring 20 new colors, Behr’s Color & Design Trend report offers four unique design themes. From quirky to conservative, you’ll be inspired to give new life to your living spaces with this fashion-forward collection.

    These palettes go beyond just the four walls of your room, offering accent colors for cabinetry, trim—and even furniture.

    “As people try to save money, live in smaller spaces and stay in their homes longer, a need exists for quick and simple do-it-yourself projects to transform and repurpose rooms,” says Erika Woelfel, Director of Color, Behr Paints. “Painting with the new 2011 Trends collection colors can give a space new life or help an outdated piece of furniture become a centerpiece.”

    Here are four color themes sure to help you transform your home and make a statement:



    1- Boudoir Goth offers deep colors in hues that will give your space mystery and dark elegance. A modern take on Victorian romance, shades range from navy to magenta to medium and dark grays, with intriguing names like Grayve-Yard, Stiletto, Strike a Pose, Blood Rose and Not So Innocent. The style reaches back to the days of exotic ornamentation, twilight color and candlelit ambiance. Furniture styling flirts with bold color and curvy shapes, while surfaces are reflective and shimmer with polish.





    2- Rock N’ Rolla combines pop culture with a retro feel, creating a balance that’s neither completely classic nor completely contemporary. Almost Famous, Fretwire, Back State, Drum Solo and Wild Thing are updated neutrals with accents of burnt orange, burgundy and teal. The palette will help you create a mix of masculinity and rock eclecticism to lighten the mood of a room. This contemporary living room is all about masculine style with a retro vibe. Deco motifs include guitars, sheet music, album covers and sports memorabilia. Fabrics combine rugged plaids with sleek metal and leather upholstery. Comfortable furniture tempts you into playing another hand of cards or to kick back and watch the big game.





    3- Tokyo Pop shines with youthful energy. Bubble-gum pinks, from dark to light, are highlighted by yellow and purple. Derived from Japanese anime, these colors are guaranteed to cheer up any room: Lizard Breath, Harajuku Girl, Fuji Snow, Kawaii and Pinkelicious. This teen girl’s bedroom is all about Japanese pop culture. A wide, pink stripe running up the wall and onto the ceiling creates a dynamic focal point behind the bed. Bright clothes, accessories, anime posters and tech gadgets add eclectic style to this youthful room.





    4- Danish Twist offers simple and welcoming colors. Creamy white acts as a background for organic and olive greens and a jewel-like blue. Taking a cue from Scandinavian design, this palette combines simplicity with a spare yet bold use of color: Fjord, Wishing Troll, AEbelskiver, Starlit Night and Lucky Potato. With the wide range of colors in this first-ever collection, you can give new life not only to your walls, but also to your kitchen cabinets, tables—and even that old chair you found in the attic. So find your color style and get started!