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Coconut Grove
  • Coconut Grove

    Neutral and ocean colors help contribute to a peaceful bedroom. Photo courtesy of KN Karen Neuburger.

  • Hickory Chair

    Adding an area rug, like the one pictured with this Atelier Bedroom by Hickory Chair, under your bed can soften your room and keep your feet comfortable.

  • Heavenly Bed

    The keys to a luxurious bed are cozy bedding and a high-quality mattress. Photo courtesy of Westin Hotels & Resorts.

Heavenly Bed
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The keys to a luxurious bed are cozy bedding and a high-quality mattress. Photo courtesy of Westin Hotels & Resorts.


Hints for Your Haven

The next time you stay at a hotel or spa, take note of the elements you find most peaceful, relaxing or luxurious. You can easily replicate many of the design features in your master bedroom.

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  • 10 Must-Haves for a Soothing Bedroom

    Follow these tips to make your bedroom a peaceful retreat.

    by Tracy A. Mozingo

    Do you crave a calming environment in your bedroom? Discover the experts' recommendations for creating a peaceful retreat:


    1. Lighting

     "Lighting is the essential element to creating a soothing bedroom," says Michelle Williams, owner of Michelle Williams Interiors. "It's important to include a variety of lighting--some of it to highlight special design elements in the room, and the rest for reading and other activities."

    2. Color

    Williams suggests bringing in the beauty of the outdoors with soothing sea, ocean and earth tones to create a tranquil bedroom.

    3. Art

    Erin Hoover, vice president of design for Westin Hotels & Resorts, a hotel known for its inviting, luxurious bedrooms, recommends enlivening a neutral wall color with colorful art and accent items to add texture and create the desired mood.

    4. Window Coverings

    For an environment that invites sleep and relaxation, window coverings should have two layers: the first being sheers to block direct sunlight, and the second with a black-out lining to keep light out when sleeping, according to Williams.

    5. Bed

    Westin's Heavenly Bed is the epitome of coziness due to carefully selected bedding and mattresses. "An all-white bed with high-quality linens creates a feeling of comfort and total luxury," Hoover explains. Because a mattress is a big purchase, be sure you can live (and sleep!) with it for a long time.

    6. Pillow Style

    Selecting a pillow to suit your sleep style (stomach, back or side) will give you a better night's rest and keep you energized throughout the day.

    7. Sound Machines

    "Waves crashing, birds chirping or the wind swirling can keep you calm and keep other annoying sounds at bay," says Jenna Lowe of KN Karen Neuburger, a comfort-focused clothing, fabric and home furnishings company.

    8. Organization

    Keep everything neat and tidy, and purchase pieces that have plenty of storage space. A messy environment will add to stressfulness rather than peacefulness.

    9. Rugs

    It's always comforting to step out of the bed onto soft carpet. "If you have wood floors in your room, consider adding an area rug under your bed to soften the look of your room and keep your feet cozy too!" adds Williams.

    10. Personal Items

    Lowe recommends adding personal touches to your bedroom like photographs, antique mirrors and favorite mementos.