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Abner Henry Bedroom Furniture
  • Abner Henry Bedroom Furniture

    Be sure the guest room includes a reading lamp by the bed, as well as snacks for your guest to enjoy. Photo: Abner Henry Furniture

  • Stanley Guest Bedroom Furniture

    A vase of fresh flowers is the perfect finishing touch for your guest bedroom. Photo: Stanley Furniture

Stanley Guest Bedroom Furniture
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A vase of fresh flowers is the perfect finishing touch for your guest bedroom. Photo: Stanley Furniture


Dual-Purpose Spaces

Not everyone has an entire room to dedicate as a full-time spare bedroom. But if you have an office, consider adding an attractive day bed or sofa-sleeper. It can serve as extra seating while you aren’t entertaining guests, and can double as a guest bed when the need arises. Also, as older children move out of your home, consider buying new linens for the room and limiting your child’s old belongings to one area of the room to make other guests feel welcome in the space. A few small and inexpensive changes can really enhance your guests’ stay in your home.

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  • Overnight Success

    How to create a guest bedroom that really makes your guests feel welcome.

    by Trisha Kemerly

    Preparing a stylish guest room is a snap when you keep in mind the amenities that you enjoy when you’re staying in a new place. If you’ve ever wondered what makes an extra bedroom standout as a special place to stay—it’s in the details. The little touches are what transform an ordinary room into something special.


    Be Thoughtful

    “I like to place a pretty, etched water carafe/tumbler set next to the bed, along with some good quality bottled water and a few superb after-dinner mints,” says Jamie Johnson, partner and designer at Eden Interiors in Buffalo, N.Y.

    “Before guests arrive, I spritz a little freshening spray on the linens, and I leave one of those tiny books on quotes, inspirations or whatever the interest of the guest happens to be—dogs, dreams, witticisms—so that they can take with them a little remembrance when their stay is over.”


    Delightful Decorating

    Let your guests know you have their comfort and enjoyment in mind by considering these suggestions for your guest bedroom: 

    • Resist the temptation to use all your extra or unwanted furnishings—the result can look cluttered and thoughtless. Aim to make the room look and feel like a top-notch hotel or bed and breakfast.
    • Remove any unnecessary furniture or clutter that makes the room feel crowded, even if you just have to move it until your guests leave. No one likes to stay in a room where they can barely make a path to the bed or unpack a suitcase.
    • Create an environment that promotes a great night’s sleep. Make the bed super comfy by adding a thick duvet and lots of fluffy pillows. Don’t skimp on the linens—give your guests the comfort, textures and luxuries you would want.
    • Provide guests with extra pillows and blankets, regardless of the time of year.
    • Have a nightstand and reading lamp beside the guest bed. Stack a few recent magazines or books there, along with a small candy or snack bowl for your guests to enjoy.
    • Offer an area for clothing storage, such as a chest of drawers or closet with extra hangers and bare shelves.
    • Hang a small mirror in the room to provide a spot for putting on makeup or jewelry. A long dressing mirror is also a nice addition.
    • Update the lighting by replacing the lamp or overhead light. Old lighting can really date a room, and an inexpensive new lamp can do wonders to bring your guest bedroom up-to-date.
    • Add a few fun photos that show off your personality or time spent with family and friends to enhance the homey feel of the space.
    • Other items to provide in the room include a clock radio, a notepad and pen, wastebasket, ironing board, iron, sewing kit, window treatments or shades for privacy, and facial tissues.
    • To freshen a seldom-used mattress, sprinkle baking soda all over the mattress. Let it sit overnight, then vacuum it up the next day. Throw already-washed sheets back into the dryer to freshen them up. Freshen pillows by air-drying them in the dryer with a fabric softener sheet.
    • A vase of fresh flowers is the perfect finishing touch.