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    Sandra Espinet's work has been highlighted in many interior design books and magazines. She owns and operates SQUARE ONE Interiors and Gallery.

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    Gold is a slightly nontraditional Christmas color that will really brighten up your home for the holidays.

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    Incorporate natural elements like seashells or pinecones into your holiday decor for a unique flair.

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    Sandra Espinet helped Holly Robinson Peete get her home ready for the holidays.

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    Small Christmas tree designs offer a festive way to decorate your dining table. 

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    See Sandra Espinet's tips in action as she helps Holly Robinson Peete get her home holiday-ready.

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See Sandra Espinet's tips in action as she helps Holly Robinson Peete get her home holiday-ready.


Get in the Holiday Spirit

The easiest way to start the Christmas mood is to play some music! Sound is important, and playing fun Christmas music is always jolly and fun. Turn on your CD player or iPod—your cable provider or satellite radio station may also have great seasonal options!  

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  • Celebrity Designer Shares Holiday Decorating Tips

    Designer to the Stars Sandra Espinet shares how you can create a star-quality home for the holidays.

    by Trisha McBride Ferguson

    International interior designer Sandra Espinet decorated Holly Robinson Peete's home for an episode of HGTV's Celebrity Holiday Homes. She worked with Peete to transform her California home from Tuscan to the ultimate tropical holiday destination.

    Here are Sandra's top 10 tips for decorating your home with holiday style and flair:

    1. Take notice of department store windows and displays for great ideas. Stores like Macy's and Neiman Marcus, as well as local favorites, create amazing holiday themes and are very creative in their concepts. You can learn a lot about holiday décor from a little window-shopping!  
    2. Try using nontraditional colors such as teal, brown and gold. It's fun and fresh. Make a ritual of lighting the Christmas tree each evening and showing off your new colors.
    3. Have fun wrapping your gifts with unique bows, raffia and ornaments like shells or pinecones. Add some sparkle to your gift by adding glued-on glitter or gold bows. Everyone remembers a fabulously wrapped gift and it shows you took the time and that you cared.
    4. If you have odd-shaped or asymmetrical gifts, try to find a box to put them in before wrapping so that you can make them look more finished.
    5. Hang fun and personal items from your tree. Not all decorations have to be store-bought.  Handmade children's decorations or mementos from trips can all bring beauty to your tree.
    6. If you have little children or pets, try setting your tree inside of a large sleigh to raise it from the floor. This will keep it from falling over when the cat tries to jump on it!
    7. Don't forget the table! Try to extend the same theme and colors you used on your tree to your table—it will continue the flow and the mood. Create a small tree to decorate the center of the table or put additional tree ornaments on the table. You can also use leftover greens from your Christmas tree to make a few quick arrangements in simple bowls.
    8. Turn down the lights and get a fire roaring! Nothing says Christmas more than a fabulous fireplace completely decorated with stockings, holly, wreaths and candles. You can also use a grouping of candles to replace the “fireside” effect.  
    9. Don't forget your front door. Hang a great-smelling live pine wreath and decorate it with a big bow and sleigh bells. It's the first thing everyone sees as they walk into your home, and it will set the mood.
    10. Stockings are a long-standing Christmas tradition. While there's no shortage of ready-made stockings available, try creating your own. To be unique, you can buy very plain ones, decorate and embellish them, and personalize one for each person in the family. Homemade stockings become instant family heirlooms.