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    Celebrity designer Kenneth Brown is best known for his ability to blend warm Southern hospitality with clean Southern California lines.

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    These luxurious decorative pillows in chocolatey tones are from Kenneth Brown's QVC Collection

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These luxurious decorative pillows in chocolatey tones are from Kenneth Brown's QVC Collection


Big Changes Don’t Have to Mean Big Money

Some of the most dramatic changes you can make to your home don’t have to cost a lot. Focus on walls, accessories, lighting, art and fabrics for small changes with big impact.

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  • Kenneth Brown’s 7 Must-Haves

    Celebrity designer Kenneth Brown shares his favorite can’t-miss tips for transforming a space.

    by Kenneth Brown

    Kenneth Brown knows a thing or two about adding flair and personality to home décor. On HGTV’s reDesign and TLC’s Over Designed he shows viewers creative ways to reinvent a room. We asked him for some easy room fixes and he shared seven go-to items anyone can use to transform their home.


    1. Throw Pillows

    Something as simple as pillows can bring lots of pizzazz. Of course all designers recommend changing pillows to refresh a room, but think a little more outside the box on this one. Go for three different pillows in different textures and shapes and place them to one side of your sofa. This takes a basic tip a step further by reinventing the way pillows should look on a sofa!


    2. Mirrors

    If you want a fairly inexpensive way to really open up a room, try mirrors. You can pretty much put them on anything—walls, mantles or coffee tables.


    3. Discount Artwork

    Original, one-of-a-kind art is ‘in’ right now. and help out artists by selling their work online. You can search by genre, color, size, price and more to find unique pieces.


    4. Multi-Use Fabrics

    You can use saris or suzanis as tablecloths to instantly brighten your dining room or kitchen, or use them on your sofas or accent tables for international flair. They also look very boho-chic if you hang them as tapestries or throw them over a chair.


    5. Wallpaper Decals

    Wallpaper decals are cheaper and less permanent than paint. They also come in really cute patterns and designs. Adding only one or two to your walls can really change up the look of the whole room.


    6. Lighting

    Simple lighting changes make a big impression for a small price. There are many available choices that are elegant and stylish. For example, adding two trendy wall sconces on either side of a bed or sofa can have a big impact on a room’s mood.


    7. Colorful Ottomans

    Getting a few of these in different colors can help you change up the look of your living room without spending a ton of money or completely redecorating. They provide extra seating and are a little more inventive than throw pillows or area rugs.