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  • natural

    Don't feel limited to Easter's pastel color palette; natural eggs and neutral tones provide a casual elegance to a tablescape.

  • sandra

    Sandra Espinet's work has been highlighted in several interior design books and magazines. She owns and operates SQUARE ONE Interiors & Gallery and 

  • bunny

    Layering colors and design elements is an easy way to transform a plain dining room into something spectacular.

  • eggs

    Votive candles are a popular design element, and creative holders like these eggshells give a table a touch of whimsy.

  • white

    Designer Sandra Espinet suggests using an elegant all-white color palette for Easter dining room decorating.

  • centerpiece

    For dramatic impact, focus your decorating efforts on creating a memorable centerpiece.

  • bunny

    Looking for a fun yet practical element for your Easter table? Try a creative napkin presentation.

  • orange theme

    Varying shades of orange are used to create this successful tablescape.

orange theme
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Varying shades of orange are used to create this successful tablescape.


Whether you're planning your celebration as a religious holiday or a fun family get-together, the key to success is to get creative, have fun decorating and keep the focus on your guests and their enjoyment.

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  • Sandra's Stylish Easter Tips

    Easter decor tips from designer to the stars Sandra Espinet.

    by Trisha McBride Ferguson

    If you're hosting an Easter gathering in your home this year, your list of things-to-do is likely long while your time and resources are not. Don't worry! We've asked celebrity designer Sandra Espinet for some of her favorite Easter decor ideas to help you get started.


    Make it Brunch

    Who says it has to be Easter dinner? "Personally, instead of Easter dinners, I prefer Easter brunch," says Espinet. "It's less formal, more fun and gives you more of a Spring-fresh feel. And taking the brunch outside is even better."

    She suggests celebrating spring by setting up an outside table filled with flowers and food. Being outside also gives you the opportunity to incorporate a playful Easter egg hunt or watch kids as they enjoy the festivities, adds Espinet. You can even invite your friends’ dogs to come and play too.


    The Perfect Palette

    When it comes to Easter decorating, your color palette has quite an impact. "In the past I have used all of the traditional pastel colors," explains Espinet. "It's perfectly acceptable and it's quite kid-friendly. But if you want to make your Easter a bit more sophisticated and you are only having adults over, try using an all-white palette."

    The all-white look can be achieved using a white linen table cloth, white dishes, and white flowers. "This will definitely give you the fresh spring look without being too whimsical," she says. 

    When choosing elements for this look, think spring vs. Easter. Instead of bunnies and eggs, use fresh sprigs of mint and white tulips.


    Top-rated Tablescapes

    When it comes to decorating your dining table, you can go simple or over-the-top, says Espinet. "Add as much detail as you want: Easter-themed place cards, napkin rings, Easter tableware, special bows and painted eggs."

    If you only have time for one thing, Espinet considers the centerpiece to be the central and most important aspect of holiday decor. Try buying a ready-made Easter sugar cookie arrangement and use it as your centerpiece, or buy a flower arrangement with the perfect colors for your theme. "I love layers and surprises on a table," she adds. "Setting the table in advance with all of the glasses, dishes, napkins and, of course, the centerpiece, will give your guests an instant sense of joy and put everyone into the mood."


    Focus on Your Guests

    While it's easy to get bogged down in the details of the menu and your decor, it's vital to remember that your guests are the most important part of your celebration. "The whole point of having friends and family over is to celebrate life," says Espinet. "Take the time to think of who you are inviting and make sure they are all a good fit. If you are not going to have fun and enjoy your food and drinks, there is no need to take the time to entertain."

    Let your guest list drive your decor and party planning. "Once you have chosen your friends, the decor for the occasion can be categorized into: formal or casual," adds Espinet. "While she says she prefers round tables because they make it easy to see everyone and talk to them from every angle—she acknowledges round tables can limit your guest list to 8 or 10.


    Big City Solutions

    If you live in a city and/or your apartment or condo is too small for hosting an Easter brunch, try your favorite restaurant, suggests Espinet. Reserve a specific table and arrive at least an hour before your guests. "You can bring your own flowers and painted eggs, set up place cards and napkin rings and decorate the table the way you want," she explains. "Just let the restaurant know in advance what your plans are so they are ready for you. Most likely they will help you and be glad to accommodate. Like all other holidays and celebrations in life—Easter is all about enjoying yourself and being with friends and family!"