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    Julie Browning Bova of Julie Bova Interior Design is an interior design professional with 20-plus years experience. She is the mastermind behind the popular Julie Browning Bova Home Collection for Stanford Furniture, a collection offering more than 40 unique pieces.

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    The layouts of many of today's homes make traffic patterns and interior design challenging, says Bova. Her solution? Creative furniture placement.

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    Layering colors in a room is just one technique Bova uses to create amazing spaces.

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    Bova's equestrian-style furniture collection was inspired by her own passion for horses and riding.

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Bova's equestrian-style furniture collection was inspired by her own passion for horses and riding.


Choosing an Interior Designer

We asked Julie for her advice on selecting an interior designer, here's what she said: 

"Make sure your designer is a great listener and has a depth of resources and references. Resources are particularly important, as designers need to source and create unique solutions—especially when it comes to budgeting. Interior designers can save clients money, create unique looks and combinations, and solve design problems quickly—all leading to the ideal end-result of the client enjoying their functional space."


More About Julie

To learn more about this accomplished designer and her line of home furnishings, check out her website.

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  • Designer Insider

    From space planning to choosing colors, designer Julie Browning Bova offers insight on her favorite design trends and strategies.

    by Trisha McBride Ferguson

    Julie Browning Bova, the designer behind Stanford Furniture's popular Julie Browning Bova Home Collection, sat down with us to talk about her design philosophies and to offer some decorating tips. Here's a look at the questions we asked this Indianapolis-based design expert and her insightful answers: 

    Q: As an interior designer, what are some of the most common mistakes or room challenges you see in your clients’ homes? How do you address them? 

    A: When it comes to designing a space, I always say there is no such thing as a mistake. Most clients have purchased an item they love and admire, and it’s essential for me to make it fit into their space. However, newer home layouts add design challenges. I created this line (Julie Browning Bova Home Collection) to aid designers who face the challenge of rooms with few walls. Current home layouts often have a door-to-patio flow, a hearth with a fireplace and lots of open space. In these types of rooms, I’ve found that you can create a distinctively beautiful design by creatively placing items in a way that makes them beautiful from all angles.

    Q: Your new collection of furnishings has a number of equestrian-inspired pieces. What’s your inspiration for these pieces and how can they work in homes with varying design styles?

    A: My equestrian-style furniture collection was inspired by my love of horses and riding. In fact, our entire family enjoys this sport. I was originally an avid rider, but my oldest daughter inherited my passion for riding and ended up taking over my lessons. After spending time watching her compete at shows, I started designing products that incorporated timeless, equestrian icons, such as the horse bit. I wanted to use this element on a piece that would complement many environments, such as contemporary, traditional and beyond. That’s when the versatile Harley Chairs, which feature a bit detail on back of the chair, were born. The latest version of the Harley Chair is saddle-like brown leather with a nickel horse bit detail.

    Q: What are some of your favorite colors and color combinations?

    A: I truly love all color combinations; and it's hard for me to choose a personal favorite. I always say, if I commit to a color, it will be the one my next client will not care for. Therefore, for the past 25 plus years, I have designed with various colors that are inspired by architecture, art, fashion, food and life. In my own home, I enjoy collecting art and furniture, so I tend to keep things neutral for my spaces ... that way I can easily add to my collection. As for my clients, I tell them it's important to use a base color for a room that reflects the lifestyle, collections and interests of those living in the space.  

    Q: What design trends and directions do you find appealing, and what do you anticipate seeing and using more in the coming year? 

    A: As we begin to select colors for our April 2012 Julie Browning Bova Home Collection at Stanford Furniture, we’ve been noticing the return of floral and geo patterns full of unique pastel colors. I will be drawing further elements from fashion runway creations that use beautiful color combinations and unparalleled textiles. These elements influence the layers I create while developing design schemes.  

    Q: Any other design insights or tips you’d like to share?

    A: I would love to encourage people to contact an interior designer for their décor needs. The design industry is full of creative individuals just waiting to assist with projects in any home. Designing the “perfect” organized space can be overwhelming for many, but it can also be as simple as narrowing down a style and defining a direction. That’s where a designer can be a priceless asset.