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  • wreathpinkdoor

    Add contrast to a brightly colored door with a wreath crafted from traditional mixed greenery accented with red berries and ribbon.

  • pinecone

    If you don't love round wreaths, look for more natural, organic shapes and groupings of greenery. Then decorate with pinecones and natural accents.

  • candle

    Capture the spirit of Christmas past by adding traditional elements such as candles, musical instruments and angels to your wreath.

  • green

    Complement the look of your holiday wreath and make a grand statement by adding a lovely coordinating garland. 

  • manywreaths

    Welcome your holiday guests this year with a front door decorated in a way that expresses your unique style.

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Welcome your holiday guests this year with a front door decorated in a way that expresses your unique style.


Garland Greetings

Why stop with a wreath when you can get amazing results by adding greenery that complements your door's centerpiece? Try hanging garland (fresh or faux) around your entire doorframe and accenting it with colors and textures that coordinate with those on your wreath.

Traditional? Add classic ornaments, ribbon and bows.

Contemporary? Choose a fun theme, bold colors or funky lights and get creative.

Eco-conscious? Use dried fruit and clove-covered oranges.


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  • Fabulously Festive Front Doors

    Welcome the holidays home with these tips for stylish front door decor.

    by Trisha McBride Ferguson

    It's the most wonderful time of the decorate your front door. Season's greetings start at home and your front entry offers guests their first impression of your place. Make sure they're feeling festive when they arrive by creating a front door that is merry and bright. Here are a few tips for choosing the best wreath for your style and creating a stunning seasonal look for the front of your home.


    Match Your Home

    Whether you're shopping for a wreath or making one—be sure to visualize it on your own front door beforehand. If possible, take a photo of your front door on your phone or bring a snapshot with you as you shop. Take into consideration your home's architectural style, the size and color of your door and any surrounding windows.




    Complement Your Style

    Your holiday decorating style is as unique and personal as how your decorate your home year-round. The choices are endless for dressing your door for the holidays: from a traditional round wreath to a simple cluster of fresh greenery, find your favorite shape or style and dress it up. 




    Consider Color

    Look to your front door color to determine your best outdoor decor options. Luckily, green looks great on almost every door—regardless of the color it's painted or stained. If you have a darker door, consider using a light-colored ribbon to add some contrast. And if you're looking for classic simplicity, a monochromatic color scheme is always a great choice.



    Go Natural

    Fresh holiday wreaths are available in almost every size and style at local nurseries and garden centers, as well as in specialty catalogs. Don't feel limited to pine boughs and holly—find the look that you fits your home and personal style and you can expect to smile every time you see it.




    Get Creative

    Nothing says "look at me" like a blast of unexpected color, a uniquely shaped wreath or a thousand twinkling mini lights. So make a bold statement at your front door and tell guests you're serious about being fun and festive.