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traditional living room
  • traditional living room

    A Traditional-with-a-Twist "Do":Choose luxurious upholstery.

  • traditional bedroom

    A Traditional-with-a-Twist "Do": Paint an entire room, including trim and ceiling, one color.

traditional bedroom
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A Traditional-with-a-Twist "Do": Paint an entire room, including trim and ceiling, one color.


Making Room for Both the New and the Traditional

When updating your traditional décor, you should be able to incorporate current technology in with the design. Invest in items like desks with charging stations for your phones and PDAs, and coffee tables with a pullout for your laptop.

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  • Traditional with a Twist: Classic Decor Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

    Interior designers offer dos and don’ts for updating your traditional décor.

    by Cindy Hodnett

    Benjamin Bradley and David Thiergartner of Bradley Thiergartner Interiors are experts in the area of traditional design. The dynamic design pair offers some of their professional secrets on achieving a new-and-improved traditional décor for your home.


    Defining “Traditional”

    Bradley defines traditional decor as a “timeless interior that has historical reference, is customized to your needs and is tailored for today’s lifestyle.” His recipe for creating “traditional with a twist” style includes the following dos and don’ts: 



    • include antiques
    • choose luxurious upholstery
    • add accessories and fine art
    • slipcover a traditional chair silhouette in a solid linen fabric
    • lacquer a piece of brown mahogany furniture in a neutral putty color
    • paint an entire room, including trim and ceiling, one color
    • frame a traditional piece of art in a plexiglass frame
    • spread a nubby-textured, natural fiber matting under a traditional oriental carpet
    • use high-gloss lacquer paper lampshades the same color as the walls in the room for all of the lamps
    • add a piece of Parson’s style furniture to the room, whether made of mirror, lacquer, fabric or plexiglass
    • add good, contemporary, abstract art to the room



    • match your sofa fabric to your drapes
    • match your throw pillows to your sofa
    • have too many trims and tassels
    • have too many accessories spread around
    • use a too-small rug
    • use too-small furniture
    • use too many formal items in the room  
    • ignore the television and computer; include them as components in the room’s design