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    Why not put furniture on your Christmas list this year? It's a gift that you can enjoy year-round. Photo courtesy of La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries.

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Why not put furniture on your Christmas list this year? It's a gift that you can enjoy year-round. Photo courtesy of La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries.


Perfect Fit

Not sure what size or color furniture would be just right for your loved one? Make a homemade gift certificate for  the recipient or consider a gift card. Then you can shop together after the holiday to find the perfect piece!

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  • All I want for Christmas

    5 reasons furniture makes the perfect holiday gift.

    by Trisha McBride Ferguson

    The month of December (and even the weeks before and after) has most Americans searching for the perfect holiday gifts. From cashmere sweaters to iPads®—each year we search for just the thing to bring a smile to our loved ones’ faces. While furniture may not come to mind initially, it makes a great—and yes, affordable—gift. Here are 5 great reasons to skip the mall and head straight to your local home furnishings retailer. And don’t forget to put furniture on your own list for Santa.


    #1 Everyone loves furniture

    If you’ve ever given a gift and been disappointed it went unused or unappreciated, you’ll love giving furniture. Whether you get a new lamp for your brother, choose a leather recliner for your parents, or surprise your spouse with a new entertainment center for his ‘man cave’—you can expect a warm reception. Plus, furniture is a gift that keeps on giving. “It lasts, and you can enjoy it all year long,” explains Colleen O’Neal, owner of La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries in Winston Salem, NC.  “And it makes you feel so good when you come around the corner into a newly decorated room.”


    #2 Furniture is an ‘eco-friendly’ gift

    Today’s home furnishings are available with a variety of eco-friendly options. From fabrics to foams and finishes, it’s easy to find furniture produced by eco-conscious manufacturers. And while the majority of holiday gifts are disposable, furniture is durable by nature. Good quality furnishings are designed to last a lifetime and can be passed on from generation to generation—eliminating waste while building family traditions—making it the ultimate earth-friendly choice.


    #3 Furniture is perfect for every age

    No matter what your age or stage in life, you probably have a need for furniture and so do your loved ones. For a recent graduate or someone just starting out, the options are limitless—so consider a bookcase, storage cabinet or neutral area rug that will adapt to future homes. A new or growing family will appreciate quality baby and youth furniture designed to grow with the kids. Multifunctional furnishings—think sleeper sofa, storage ottoman, or moveable kitchen island—are perfect for empty nesters and families that are downsizing. And what spouse wouldn’t love a new mattress and the allure of a better night’s sleep?


    #4 Furniture says you care

    In an era where gift cards are one of the most popular holiday presents, furniture makes a more personal statement. When you give a gift of furniture, it shows you care about the recipient and you’ve invested your time thinking about what they might need and enjoy. If you put furniture on your own Christmas list, you’ll eliminate the guesswork and make it easier for those buying for you.


    #5 Furniture shopping is more fun

    Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone on your list, shopping for furniture is much more enjoyable than fighting the crowds in department stores. Home furnishings stores are rarely as crowded as other retailers this time of year and parking is plentiful. Yet they offer lots of great discounts that make getting a good deal just as easy. “We have better pricing this time of year, and we always have holiday promotions,” says O’Neal.


    While shopping at a furniture store this holiday season you might be offered coffee or a cookie, and you’ll likely be encouraged to sit back, prop your feet up and imagine all the decorating possibilities for your home (and those on your list). You’ll probably leave the store less stressed than when you entered—a major improvement on the typical holiday shopping experience. Add the satisfaction you get from giving an eco-friendly present that gives year-round and furniture becomes the ‘perfect’ holiday gift.