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rose bed
  • rose bed

    A romantic bedroom doesn't have to be frills and lace, it can include crisp, clean designs. Rose petals on the bed add extra romance.

  • low light

    Bright, harsh lights can ruin romance. Go with low lighting instead.

  • romance

    When you come home from that special Valentine's Day dinner, don't let the romance of the day fade away.

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When you come home from that special Valentine's Day dinner, don't let the romance of the day fade away.


DOs and DON'Ts for Romance


DON'T overdose on scents. "Avoid anything that says 'fragrance,'" warns Radaj. She likes items with essential oils, especially ylang ylang, cinnamon, vanilla (great for men!) and spicy notes.


DON'T create too hot a scene. "Use candles to help amp up the 'fire,' but pay attention so you don't literally start the room on fire!," urges Radaj. Place candles out of the way of heavily trafficked spots and children’s reach.


DO go for the couple theme. Radaj says think in pairs when adding decorative touches, rather than single items or larger collections. 


DON'T ruin the mood with bad lighting. It's eco-friendly to switch to compact fluorescent lighting, but CFLs can flood a room with harsh lighting. Manufacturers are now combining green with gorgeous. Look for bulbs like the Sylvania Living Spaces ™ CFLs, for instance, that actually complement décor.


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  • Romancing the Room

    Decorating tips you’ll love for creating romance throughout the year.

    by Jacqueline Rupp

    When you come home from that special Valentine's Day dinner, don't let the romance of the day fade away. You can recreate charming, intimate settings right in your own home with some easy, inexpensive décor updates.


    Beautify the Bedroom

    A romantic bedroom doesn't have to be frills and lace. Crisp, clean designs can revamp the space. One dramatic piece of furniture can transform the look of the room. A four-poster bed exudes romance and can offer many decorative possibilities, from tassels to canopies. Choose rich, jewel-tone bedding for drama, or toile and damask to add a subtle touch of luxury. Finish with a feather-bed topper, and you'll never want to leave.

    Kevin Lee, owner of LA Premier and designer for the 2010 Grammy Awards says that when you’re trying to create a romantic statement you should play to the dramatic! "A romantic evening should include rose petals and candles all around the bed, even a trail of petals through the home leading to the bedroom or a warm bubble bath."

    DeAnna Radaj, owner of Bante Design LLC, an Integrative Lifestyle Design company, says that sometimes romance can be added by taking things away. "Get rid of anything that doesn't represent romance. Nothing can kill a moment like catching a glimpse of your mother-in-law's picture." De-clutter night tables and make sure lighting is dimmed at night. 


    Dinner for Two

    Think about your favorite intimate dining experiences. You can transfer the same atmosphere to your own dining room. Why not paint one wall a deep, rich red? A color like this can create the feeling of closeness and add a warm touch. Also invest in one breathtaking piece, like a glistening chandelier or serving buffet. Place your table settings close together and forgo the traditional centerpiece in favor of small simple bowls full of fresh fragrant flowers like peonies and rosettes. Lee suggests covering a table entirely in rose petals for an opulent setting, accenting the look with large red roses and small votive candles to outline the hearts.


    Cozying Up

    It's not the first room that comes to mind when thinking of romance, but the living room is often the heart of the home. Choose seating that is conducive to cuddling! An oversized chaise lounge or multipurpose sectional both offer great opportunities for relaxation. Add wicker lampshades to lighting to cast delicate shadows throughout the room. Radaj says colors like red, pink, peach, coral and orange can all create their own romantic feelings—throughout the home. "Bring in these colors for bedding, pillows, candles and flowers. And think sensual, tactile fabrics like velvet, silk, satin, cashmere, which all say ‘touch me’ when you feel them."