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  • crystorama-bedroom-5623-ab-hampton_revised

    While dining rooms and entry ways usually garner the best decorative lighting, bedrooms are well suited for the attention. Photo: Crystorama.

  • girl-bedroom-floral-4843-ct-josie_revised

    Decorative lightings is like the 'jewelry' of a room—making one chandelier in a room great and two amazing. Photo: Crystorama.

  • palla-kitchen-529-sa_revised

    Just updating the chandelier can give a room a whole new look. Photo: Crystorama.

  • crystorama-kitchens-odette-pendants_revised

    Displaying several of the same pendant light brings symmetry and balance to this kitchen bar. Photo: Crystorama.

  • crystorama-office_6765-dt-garland_revised

    The sconces over the fireplace coordinate with the chandelier, making the lighting a real asset to this home office. Photo: Crystorama.

  • crystorama-dining-loft-_9356-ww-parsons_revised

    Today's most intriguing lighting designs blend traditional silhouettes with modern colors and materials. Photo: Crystorama.

  • crystorama-dining-room-52_9226_eb-solaris_revised

    No longer viewed as merely functional, today's lighting choices can set the mood for the entire space. Photo: Crystorama.

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No longer viewed as merely functional, today's lighting choices can set the mood for the entire space. Photo: Crystorama.


Top Trends in Lighting

Brad Kleinberg, president and creative director for Crystorama, says the hot design trend right now in lighting is fixtures with clean lines. "This doesn't mean boring," he says. "Most homeowners still want to make a statement, so fixtures with clean lines that also have unique details are what's hot."

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  • Completing the Look

    No room is fully designed without the right lighting fixtures.

    by Jennifer Sellers

    New furniture—check. Updated window coverings—check. A beautiful area rug—check. Eye-catching art and accessories—check. Even with all of these pieces, a room isn't complete. There is another crucial element that will tie the décor together: lighting.

    "Lighting is not just for functionality," says Brad Kleinberg, president and creative director for Crystorama, a design house and lighting manufacturer. "Yes, every room needs a light source, but a well-designed room isn't properly finished without a decorative light fixture."



    A Must for Every Room

    Not only does lighting enhance your home's design, it's a requirement for every room—so it's one you need to put some thought into. 

    "Whether it's a bathroom, hallway, master bedroom or dining room, they all have one thing in common: lighting," says Kleinberg. "You can't say the same about other fixtures and furnishings. Not every room has plumbing, drapes or sofas, but every one does have lighting."

    Even though lighting is a necessary component in design, it's not one that a lot of people know how to use in decorating. But when it comes to designing a room, the right lighting can be a valuable tool.


    Style Strategy

    While the right lighting does have the potential to bring your décor together, it shouldn't be an afterthought, stresses Kleinberg.

    "It's an essential element in every room," he says. "It should be part of the overall design plan. When it comes to picking out a design, lighting is like the jewelry of a room. The right chandelier or fixture can complete it and pull everything together; and the wrong choice can cast a pall over the whole design."

    The key to choosing the right fixture is to first determine your overall look. If your style is traditional, go with fixtures that have more timeless features, like cast brass. If you prefer a contemporary look, seek out clean lines.

    "Traditional is an enduring style," says Kleinberg. "The demand will always be there, but we're seeing a growing demand for contemporary fixtures."



    Sizing up Your Space

    Another thing you want to keep in mind when choosing a fixture is its size. Here are some guidelines from Crystorama on determining the dimensions that will fit your room best—and how to hang the fixture once you have it:

    Width—A good rule of thumb to follow is 2 inches per foot of a room. For example, the perfect chandelier for a 12' by 14' room would be 26 inches wide. For a fixture that hangs over a dining room table, follow these guidelines:

    • 20 to 24-inches wide over a table that seats four
    • 25 to 29-inches wide over a table that seats six
    • 30 to 36-inches wide over a table that seats eight

    Length—When hanging a chandelier in a two-story space, make sure the fixture is about 10 to 11 feet from the floor. If you're hanging one over a dining room table or similar surface, make sure there is approximately 30 to 32 inches between the table surface and the lowest point of the chandelier.