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  • lighting

    One way to dress up your existing room is with new lighting.

  • lighting

    New looks in lighting feature a variety of shapes, finishes and shades.

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New looks in lighting feature a variety of shapes, finishes and shades.


Made in the Shade

Updating the shades on your lamps is one of the easiest ways to give your space an updated vibe. Look for new tailored shapes and colors to refresh your existing lighting.

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  • Lighting Fixture Fixes

    Freshen up your décor with these easy updates.

    by Jennifer Sellers

    Out-of-date lighting fixtures can be tell-tale indicators that your décor is stuck in another decade. Fortunately, adding some modern panache to your home can be as simple as switching out lampshades or getting new pendants in a different finish. Follow these tips for a subtle but successful makeover:

    • Start with shades. This is the easiest, most affordable way to freshen up a room. You'd be surprised at how easy it is to achieve a new look with a new lampshade. Simply trade out the stodgy old lamp covers for some with more modern shapes or patterns. And don't forget: Table and floor lamps aren't the only fixtures that have shades. Be sure to replace lampshades on sconces and chandeliers that require them.
    • Trade in the traditional. And while we're talking about chandeliers, let's discuss a change to conventional dining room lighting. A more modern approach is to ditch the glitzy chandelier for pendants with bold shades.
    • Green your light. One of the most energy-efficient ways to light your home is to use natural light. You can do this by using Solatube(R) ceiling lights that collect daylight through a rooftop dome. You can also use lighter paint colors in a room to enhance the sunlight that comes through windows. And instead of having direct, primary light on all the time, rely on lower-voltage secondary lights to more subtly brighten a room. Consider repositionable fixtures, which offer you flexibility in redirecting light where you want it.
    • Don't forget recessed fixtures. Bring your recessed lighting into the 21st century with new trim. Modern designs offer many more options than you had when you first had your lighting installed. There are a number of finishes available for you to both update and complement your décor.
    • Leave the 1980s behind. One of the most important lighting updates you can make in your home is to ditch the brass. Black, bronze and brushed steel are more modern choices.