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    In addition to bringing beauty to your outdoor spaces, lighting is a security feature that helps deter prowlers.

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In addition to bringing beauty to your outdoor spaces, lighting is a security feature that helps deter prowlers.


One of the best places to start when you're considering an outdoor lighting project for your home is the American Lighting Association. Visit their site to find lighting showrooms and contractors in your area.

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  • Spotlight on Outdoor Lighting

    Tips to light up your outdoor living spaces.

    by Jennifer Sellers

    Nothing adds ambiance like the right lighting. So if you've created a backyard oasis at home, enhance it with these brightening strategies:

    • Choose the right tools: If you're planning to install outdoor lighting yourself, make sure you have a basic toolset; a transformer; outdoor low-voltage copper cable; and low-voltage light fixtures.
    • Don't add too many fixtures: Don't make your pathways look like airport runways. A few strategically placed fixtures can illuminate in a more interesting way.
    • Stay out of the spotlight: You won't enjoy your time outside if you have nothing but harsh floodlights around. Make your lighting subtler—let it filter up trees or landscaping centerpieces rather than shining down on tables and seating areas.
    • Consider using fixtures with an "inside" look: If you want your outdoor living area to have the same style as another room of your home, look at adding wall sconces, chandeliers and lamps that are designed for outdoor use.
    • Don't forget the front yard: If you've worked hard to ensure your house has a lot of curb appeal, be sure to highlight your home's exterior and landscaping with lighting. Draw attention to architectural details, like fountains and stonework.
    • Think of lighting as a security feature: A well-lit property can help keep prowlers away. Illuminate entrances to your home and areas of your yard that would otherwise be easy places for trespassers to hide.
    • Save electricity: Put your lights on a timer system so that they turn on when it gets dark and off when it starts getting lighter.
    • Call a professional for big jobs: Companies in the outdoor lighting industry know how to create the dramatic shadows and light that draw attention to a home or outdoor living area. These professionals can offer creative tips for lighting your property.

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