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    Get a better night’s sleep and make your home more eco-friendly with mattress sets made with cutting-edge foam materials. Photo: Sealy

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Get a better night’s sleep and make your home more eco-friendly with mattress sets made with cutting-edge foam materials. Photo: Sealy


Time for a New Mattress?

Not sure if it's time to go matttress shopping? Here are the top 5 reasons to make it a priority, offered by Sealy Mattress:

  1. You bought your current mattress over eight years ago.
  2. You wake up feeling more tired than when you went to sleep.
  3. The couch feels more comfortable than your bed.
  4. Your mattress looks worn or uneven.
  5. You've taken your mattress for granted.


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  • The Next Generation in Sleep Comfort

    What's new and notable in sleep technology.

    by J.D. Walker

    Nothing stays the same forever, and this is certainly true of bedding. Mattresses have changed a lot throughout history, having gone from sacks stuffed with hay or feathers to complex constructions of space-age materials.

    If you haven't been mattress shopping in awhile, prepare to be surprised. The mattress industry has moved beyond springs and coils and embraced a variety of new technologies and materials designed to ensure your best night's sleep. Here's an inside look at what's new and notable in mattress components.

    Space-Age Materials

    Today's mattress materials are not the same foam and latex components of the 1950s. Technology has evolved to innovations like phase-change technology in latex and plant polyols in foam. If you're shopping for a new mattress (which you should do every 8-10 years according to Sealy Mattress), be sure to look below the surface. Ask your retail sales associate about the components in the models you're considering. And consider two of the latest innovations in mattress materials: temperature-regulating latex and eco-friendly foams.


    Staying Cool

    Researchers at Latex International, the exclusive U.S.-based Talalay latex producer and largest supplier of latex mattress components and pillows in North America, say that by sleeping on CelsionTM latex you will experience less tossing and turning because fluctuations in your body temperature will be minimized. That means a fuller night’s sleep, which can be beneficial to your overall health.

    Celsion is a new product made of phase-change materials that regulate temperature by absorbing heat, then releasing it as needed. “Celsion is infused into our latex,” says Kevin Stein, Latex International marketing vice president. “It keeps your body cooler when you’re warm and warmer when you’re cool.”


    Earth-Friendly Sleeping

    Shopping green for home furnishings is getting easier. Joe Wingfield, president of Prestige Fabricator—a foam supplier to the furniture and bedding industries for customers like Klaussner Home Furnishings and Sealy—says he and other companies like Prestige are moving to greener manufacturing.

    Latex International uses an exclusive six-step eco-friendly production method called the Talalay process to transform the sap of the tropical rubber tree into the latex foam.

    The goal of green manufacturing, says Wingfield, is to increase the amount of plant-based polyols in foam, thereby reducing the amount of petroleum in the product. Prestige Fabricator is using a soybean derivative produced by Cargill to make its BioComfort foam. Other manufacturers are looking into plant products from canola, castor bean or combinations of these plant oils, according to Wingfield, who is enthusiastic about the green potential of plant oils.

    “This is the first generation of bio-based foam products,” Wingfield says. “There will be progress. We’ve just scratched the surface in moving from our dependence on petroleum to more green alternatives.”