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Lane recliner
  • Lane recliner

    Many of today’s recliners don’t even look like traditional motion furniture; they come in a large array of styles. Photo: Lane Furniture

Lane recliner
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Many of today’s recliners don’t even look like traditional motion furniture; they come in a large array of styles. Photo: Lane Furniture


Latest Looks in Recliner Style

What’s hot in recliners these days? Color, Chenille fabrics, and smaller profiles.

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  • Reclining in Style

    Want a recliner that's modern and trendy? Look no further.

    by Robin Parrish

    There was a time when recliners came in one variety: the old frumpy lounger. Those days are gone.

    Today's recliners are manufactured in a wide variety of looks, styles, and materials. Add in specialized options, and the choices are nearly endless, with every season bringing more innovative models.

    Here’s a look at some of the newest and hottest trends in motion furniture.


    Fashionable Fabrics

    Forget the drab, dated looks of yesteryear. Today's recliners come in some of the most stylish—and comfortable—upholstery fabrics available. Over the last few years the easy-to-maintain and luxuriant feel of microfiber suede and the stubborn durability and rugged comfort of leather have reinvented the motion furniture market. And now trends are shifting again.

    "Color is the big thing," according to Michael Herman, vice president of upholstery merchandise at Lane Home Furnishings. "It's all about the eye appeal. The market has been saturated with a sea of browns over the last few years—beige, tan, monotones, earth tones—we're seeing a trend toward broader color choices in motion furniture."

    Herman also suggests that another type of fabric may be rivaling the popularity of microsuede in the near future. "We've been getting a lot of requests from retailers for chenille fabrics. So we're working to combine fabrics like chenille with splashes of color."


    Downsized Styles

    Up until the economic uncertainty of recent years, when it came to recliners—bigger was better. Sofas with reclining ends, and the more extravagant cinema seats—which are essentially three or more adjoining recliners—were most in-demand. But the marketplace has changed, with purchases trending toward the standard, single-seat recliner.

    "Smaller scale is a big trend right now," says Herman. "Many consumers don't have a lot of room for larger-scale furnishings, so we're seeing a move toward smaller-scale motion furniture."


    Choices and More Choices

    If you’re in the market for a recliner, your biggest challenge will be narrowing your choices. Many of today’s recliners don’t even look like traditional motion furniture. You may be surprised which chairs and sofas now recline. As for the outer cover, if you can dream it, it’s probably manufactured and in-stock somewhere. Whether your style is sleek and streamlined, soft and plush, or modern and minimal—there’s a recliner out there just right for you. So sit back, and relax. After all, at the end of the day, owning a recliner is all about comfort.