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  • trendease

    Look for watercolor paintings and anything that looks "washed." Photo: Trendease International, Schlossberg

  • anemone-vase

    Plants and plant-related designs are hot right now. Photo: Phillips Collection

  • trendease butterflies

    Bird and butterfly motifs are showing up on home accessories. Photo: Trendease International, To Grace

trendease butterflies
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Bird and butterfly motifs are showing up on home accessories. Photo: Trendease International, To Grace


Trend Tip for a Hip Home

If you want to be at the forefront of new home décor looks, you’ll want to check out a surprising new trend in home accessories: skull designs. Jennifer Castoldi, home design expert and chief creative officer of Trendease International says the motif is now appearing on accessories of all types, from photo frames to dinnerware. “Before, the skull trend was geared to the mass market, the youth market,” she says. “What’s interesting about it now is that it is much more baroque and abstract.” 

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  • Birds to Butterflies: A Spotlight on Today’s Fashion-Forward Accessories

    Sometimes all a room needs to feel fresh and new are a few fun accents. Check out the latest trends in home accessorizing.

    by Nancy Robinson

    Sometimes all a room needs to feel fresh and new is a few fun accents. Updating accessories is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to change the mood of a room, says Jennifer Castoldi, Trendease International’s chief creative officer and a home design expert.

    While core furniture pieces are often more expensive—and therefore harder to replace—home accessories are usually much easier to change out with what’s new and hot. And since accessories typically aren’t investments that break the bank, it’s also possible, even advisable, to have a little fun with your purchases, Castoldi says.

    “You can use accessories to accent your mood for the moment or the season,” explains Castoldi. “Things like candleholders and photo frames can be changed in an economical fashion, even at the high end.”

    Check out today’s latest, hottest trends in home accessories: 

    • Anything plant related, including plant holders, “green” walls and movable vertical gardens. “Bringing plants into the home is huge right now,” Castoldi says. “Plants clean the air and make it healthier to breathe. It’s a reflection of health concerns and a statement about the environment.” Note: If you think this trend smacks of the ’70s when houseplants and exposed brick walls were all the rage, think again. “This is different than anything that came before,” Castoldi says.
    • Bird and butterfly motifs. “During a time in which people have been going through a lot of stress, we’re seeing a lot of bird and butterfly motifs on accessories,” she says. “They’re symbolic of flying away, of escaping the tense lives that many of us are living because of the economic crisis.”
    • Watery themes, especially watercolor paintings and finishes that look as if they’ve been washed. Found on everything from wallcoverings to dinnerware, these watery looks “tie into the theme of relaxation, cleansing and rebirth,” explains Castoldi.
    • Pixilation. At the other end of the design spectrum, the proliferation of exaggerated pixilation on surfaces (both hard and soft) reflects the omnipresent technological side of modern life.
    • Accessories in grayed pastel palettes. “These are not Easter pastels, but more grayed down,” Castoldi says. “They’re actually quite striking and will appeal to those who aren’t pastel lovers.” This new palette also works particularly well paired with neutrals.