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  • kbrown

    Designer to the stars, Kenneth Brown, offers nursery decorating advice inspired by his own daughter.

  • roomcolors

    Kenneth has put together the perfect palette of pleasing pinks accented with a soft cream and soothing green.

  • bashful

    A soft shade of pink, 'bashful' is perfect as a wall color.

  • blush

    Pink yet playful, this shade looks lovely in a little girl's room.

  • ladybug

    This shade of deeper pink is great for using as an accent color.

  • sweetpea

    A soft, soothing shade of green, "Sweet Pea" offers a deligthful balance to pink.

  • roomscene

    Creating the perfect nursery means thinking about safety as well as comfort and beauty.

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Creating the perfect nursery means thinking about safety as well as comfort and beauty.


Create a Design Journal for Lasting Memories

Your nursery will be a special place where you and your baby will be getting to know one another. Remember you are creating a relaxing and loving environment. Designing the nursery is where the memories will start. As the years go by, you will cherish the memories you are creating now, so consider keeping a design journal to look back on, or take photos of the work in progress to one day share with your child. 


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  • Kenneth Brown's Tips for a Dream Nursery

    Practical and inspirational advice on creating a haven for your infant from celebrity designer Kenneth Brown.

    by Kenneth Brown

    Kenneth Brown has offered his design expertise to celebrity clients as well as television viewing audiences across the United States. His work has been highlighted on HGTV’s reDesign and TLC’s Over Designed. Recently, he launched a line of infant bedding and accessories (inspired by his own daughter) for the retail chain Babies“R”Us. Below, he offers his unique perspective on creating a beautiful, soothing and safe nursery for your little one.


    Create a Checklist

    Being organized will help you enjoy the process and not feel overwhelmed. This checklist should include things such as: safety, theme, colors, bedding, lighting, decals or wall art, everything you can think of that you would like to put in the room to keep you and your baby comfortable. Try jotting down some answers to these questions to help you decide on a style direction for your nursery.

    • What is your personal style and would you like to go with a theme for the nursery?
    • Keeping in mind that one day the nursery will be a toddler’s room, will you be willing to repaint it? Will you use more than one color?
    • How can you incorporate your family into the room? Will you use photos?




    Choose the Right Wall Color

    For the nursery’s walls, choose a color that works with your home’s décor. To add a designer touch, consider painting the ceiling a different color, or even the room’s trim. When selecting your colors, be sure to evaluate the nursery’s light during the daytime.



    Pay Attention to Paint 

    When you go to purchase the paint, ask for low-VOC paint products (Volatile Organic Compounds) for better air quality. Also keep in mind that water-based paints are healthier than oil-based ones. Be sure to paint the nursery four or more weeks prior to your baby’s arrival, ensuring that any residual paint fumes will be eliminated.


    Choose Child-Proof Materials

    The room you are creating should be a worry-free zone as well as have a good design. The biggest mistake I see parents make (and I did it too!) is using materials that do not hold up well to wear and tear. Even though this is an emotional time, you have to think practically.


    Breaking a Design Rule

    Note that open floor space is very important, it’s the one time I say it’s OK to have all of your furniture up against the walls! Consider placing the crib on the longest wall so you have access to three sides of the crib. And don't forget lighting: overhead lighting can be harsh so I often place two lamps in opposite corners of the room to create a warm, soft glow.


    Look Ahead

    Don’t forget how fast children grow! As you design your baby’s nursery, keep in mind that it’s a room that will one day be a toddler’s room. Choose furniture and décor that can make the transition.


    Room Decals for Quick Décor Changes

    Finishing touches are very important in designing and completing your nursery. Coordinating wall decals, lamps, storage and changing pads will tie the room together beautifully. Removable wall decals are a great way to make your room special. You can place decals in groups around windows, doors and room corners. When you want to freshen up the rooms design, you can simply rearrange the decals or add news ones for a different design.


    Finishing Touches

    To complete the design of a nursery, the finishing touches are very important. Coordinating artwork and accessories can make a room feel complete. Here's a designer secret: when hanging artwork, I hang the middle piece first at 65" above the floor, and space the artwork about one hand-width apart. You can hang pictures at the same height for a classic, simple look; stagger them for a fun look; or mix them up for a more modern visual.