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    Tanya Memme is the host of A&E's Emmy-Nominated “Sell This House.” An expert in home design, Tanya uses real-life experiences to give insightful advice on how to stage your house on a budget and sell it faster, especially in today's tough real estate market. Find out more about Tanya on her website.

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    Shorten the time your home is on the market with these expert design tips from celebrity designer Tanya Memme.

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Shorten the time your home is on the market with these expert design tips from celebrity designer Tanya Memme.



Top of Bed Tip

When showing your home, you'll want to make sure your bedding looks clean and inviting. Try a new comforter or bedspread to give your room an appealing, updated look. Or, you can keep your current bedding, and purchase new, inexpensive sheets to freshen up your bed and pillows.

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  • Staging Style from Tanya Memme

    These design tips will help you sell your home in no time!

    by Tanya Memme

    Today's real estate market is challenging to say the least. If you don't want your home lingering on the market for months (or years), try my tips for sprucing it up and attracting potential buyers:


    • Depersonalize: You have to stop seeing your house as your home, but rather as a product you're selling. People don’t feel comfortable in a house that they can’t see themselves in because it feels like someone's personal space—not theirs. Take down personal photos, collectables and any bold or super-specific items.


    • Declutter: Get rid of or hide trinkets and personal toiletries. You want clear counter space, so pack up things you're not using everyday and get rid of the junk! It can be distracting, and potential buyers will be more interested in your photos, trinkets and unusual things than they will the house. When you don't declutter, potential buyers judge how your family lives rather than investigating the house itself.


    • Clean: And that means from head to toe! Cover every area—under furniture, beds, couches and every piece of furniture. You'll even want every piece of art on the walls to be completely dusted! Also clean your fridge, microwave and everything in the kitchen. This might seem obvious, but it is often overlooked. Cleaning affects the way a house smells and feels.


    • Remove Excess Furniture: You are selling square footage, so you have to show off the space not the things you have in it! Show off fireplaces, windows and cool details of the house rather than hiding them with furniture. Only use necessary pieces of furniture, and store the rest for the next house. What you might think is cool, like a stuffed horse or an old jukebox, others might think of as offensive or distracting. Most importantly, they won’t notice the size of a room when there are too many things in it.


    •  Highlight Architectural Details: You can do this with paint and furniture placement. Move things out of the way of fireplaces, windows and doorways; or arrange them in a way that highlights a structure. Draw attention to all of the unique and desirable details of your house.


    • De-emphasize Flaws: Shift attention away from flaws and toward the main selling features of your home. If you have bad floors, cover them with throw rugs. You can also use splashes of color in your décor so that people notice the fun aspects of the space instead of its weaknesses. If the only couch you have is old and shabby, cover it with an inexpensive slipcover—or a flat sheet for $15. If the ceilings are in bad shape use a cool paint color on the walls and fun accents like pillows and floral arrangements to draw attention away from it.