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Martin Home Furnishings
  • Martin Home Furnishings

    A hutch and TV console combination provide ample storage for media and components. Photo: Martin Home Furnishings

  • Martin Home Furnishings

    Occasional tables can double as storage units for speakers. Photo: Martin Home Furnishings

Martin Home Furnishings
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Occasional tables can double as storage units for speakers. Photo: Martin Home Furnishings


Shop Smart—and Stylish

Vanessa Martinez, marketing and communications director of Martin Home Furnishings, offers these tips when shopping for media storage:

  • Consider the space you have. TV consoles or corner TV stands are great for small spaces, and wall units work best in larger rooms.
  • Consider how much storage you need. If you have just a few DVDs or games, a TV console should suffice. If you have you an extensive movie collection, a wall unit or adding piers to a TV console would be your best bet.
  • Measure your components (DVD/Blu-ray players, cable boxes, etc.) before shopping to make sure they will fit in your selection.
  • If you have higher-end equipment, ask about convection ventilation. “Most of our TV consoles have built-in ventilation slots and Cool-Tech component shelves with recessed sides to help air flow naturally through the console,” Martinez says.

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  • Modern Media Storage

    How to find sophisticated media storage that offers a place for everything.

    by Jason Schneider

    Wondering how to stylishly store your TV and accessories? Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.


    The Basics

    There are four basic types of furniture designed to specifically accommodate media equipment; they include:

    • TV consoles (Similar to a low table or open bookcase, but designed for media storage)
    • Consoles with piers (A console with one or two vertical cases flanking it)
    • Console/media hutch combinations
    • Traditional wall units (Representing the standard in media storage for many years, wall units often come in multiple segments that fit together to create a large piece.)

    “Consumers are moving away from traditional wall units and moving toward TV consoles to accommodate their flat-panel televisions,” says Vanessa Martinez, marketing and communications director of Martin Home Furnishings. “Our TV consoles generally come with media storage drawers that have dividers as well as an open storage compartment to house speakers, gaming consoles or additional components.”


    Putting it Together

    When choosing a configuration, Martinez says to consider your space:

    • Wall units are good for larger spaces, especially if your TV is large as well. “These are great if there is a large wall that needs to be filled,” she says. “Wall units also provide a lot of storage for media, household knickknacks and display space.”
    • TV consoles, especially corner units, are great space savers. “If a TV console alone doesn’t provide enough storage, you might consider adding a small pier or bookcase to increase storage and display space, and to add interest to the room with an asymmetric look,” she adds.


    The Look

    When choosing the style and finish of your media furniture, think about the overall feel of your room. “Transitional looks are versatile and adapt to most rooms because they feature elements of both traditional and modern design,” says Martinez.

    Other elements of style to look for are:

    • Finish. Espresso, java, port and cherry finishes are popular, according to Martinez. “Medium to dark brown is definitely the color trend.”
    • Hardware. Just like jewelry to an outfit, hardware can dress a piece of furniture up or down. Nickel hardware is currently a very fashionable choice in media furnishings because of the contrast it provides against darker wood finishes.


    The Function

    If you want things to look neat and tidy, don’t forget cord storage. Martinez says zip ties are a good way to keep cords neat, and adds that Martin Home Furnishings offers TV consoles with wire raceways built in. “We have an exclusive, patented Easy Wire Access System™ that provides quick and easy access to cables, cords and the back of components,” she says.