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easter decor
  • easter decor

    For a fun Easter display, attach miniature egg ornaments or artificial birds to branches in a vase.

  • easter dinner table

    Spring flowers, such as tulips, set the mood for Easter decor.

easter dinner table
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Spring flowers, such as tulips, set the mood for Easter decor.


Pot-Luck Pointers

Planning a pot-luck party? Use PartyCharlie’s tips to ensure success.

  1. Have guests sign up for specific categories—appetizers, entrees, salads or desserts, for example—to ensure a well-rounded selection of foods.
  2. If your oven will be used to keep food warm, provide oven measurements ahead of time to ensure guests’ containers will fit inside. Short on oven space? Use a foam ice chest to keep the items hot.
  3. Emphasize that all dishes must be brought “ready to serve” to avoid last minute prep time in your kitchen. 

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  • Excellent Easter Entertaining

    If you’re hosting a party this Easter, or you just like to decorate for the season, these tips will breathe new life into your home for the spring holiday.

    by Nancy Christie

    If your Easter plans include hosting a holiday celebration, make it extra-special by following these tips from Hollywood celebrity party planner and author of Party Planning Secrets: The Ultimate Guide To A Successful Party Charlie Scola (aka “PartyCharlie”) and senior designer Julie Yates of Utah-based Atmosphere ID.


    Spring-Filled Fun at Your Entrance

    Set the mood with pots of spring blooming flowers such as daffodils, tulips and Easter lilies inside and outside your front door. Have a designated greeter—perhaps little ones dressed in their Easter best—to welcome guests into your home.

    Then, suggests Scola, add in some Easter-themed fun with a jellybean counting contest. Fill a clear container with jellybeans and have guests write down their best guess of how many candies are in the jar. The winner gets to keep the jar—and the beans!

    For the younger set, provide them with small plastic vases and a variety of cut flowers so they can each create Easter arrangements for the table, says Scola. “Think how proud those children will be to have their masterpieces on display!”


    Accessories are Key to Easter Decorating

    Keep the color palette to one or two pastels, pairing them with white to make it fresh, Yates recommends. “Use large floral arrangements as centerpieces—perhaps in unusual containers such as an old watering can for a fun feel—with smaller ones throughout your room to carry the theme through.”

    Other decorating ideas include attaching miniature egg ornaments or artificial birds to flowering branches in vases or small low-profile containers of real grass topped with decorated eggs.

    Extend the color palette to the menu items, with beverage choices such as chocolate martinis for the adults and chocolate or pastel-colored milk for the younger set. Vanilla or pistachio pudding served in chocolate cups garnished with green-tinted coconut flakes keep the spring theme right to the end.

    Most importantly, keep the menu simple so you are free to spend time with your guests, says Scola. “Easter is a day to bring family and friends together, to lift each other’s spirit and celebrate life!”